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Henry Taylor
Henry Taylor

Where To Buy Hermes Belt

Even though that might seem like a lot, compared to the genuine crocodile strap $4,900, these almost seem cheap! For this review, I bought three classic H belts in different leather color combinations, in the sizes 95, 100, and 105 (which stands for centimeters). If you want to get the size in inches, just divide these numbers by 2.54.

where to buy hermes belt


Unlike the paints and the wax used during burnishing, which may come off with a lot of movement over the course of a few years, the edges on our leather belts will always remain intact because they are in fact, leather and not just wax and paint.

First of all, a genuine Hermes belt is always made out of two different leathers, with a color and a texture on the front side and the backside, and it is lined with a third leather which you can see when you look at the holes.

The jacket is from A. Caraceni Milano, the pants are from Polo Ralph Lauren, the shoes are from Ace Marks, and the pocket square in blue as well as the shadow stripe socks are from Fort Belvedere and you can find them in our shop along with the belt system.

When sandwich boards were used for advertising, marketers had to pay people to wear them. When a manufacturer of high-fashion clothing makes a belt buckle in the shape of its initial, rich vulgarians will hand over huge sums of money for the privilege of being a walking advertisement. What a tacky accessory.

Thank you, very clear and complete in content and opinion. I could not agree more.I tend to buy my belts with my shoes, both Santoni. In my opinion their colors are great, leather quality is super and size is easily adjusted to match my exact size.What do you think?

I would rather wear a regular every day belt for under $100.00 and save the rest for a nice outfit and have people look at face and then actually take notice of my whole apearence than look at just my gaudy buckle and belt, you can have the most expensive outfit, belt and buckle, but what comes out of your mouth will say more about you than how you look, but that is just me.

This belt features the very popular Collier de Chien Buckle. The Collier de Chien Belt has a 49mm leather strap with palladium or gold plated buckle. The Collier de Chien Buckle Belt has a 32mm reversible leather strap. It is available in materials such as Swift, Epsom and the buckle comes in Silver or Rose Gold.

The Kelly Belt is available in one size, as this belt has a sliding system that allows you to wear at the waist or on the hips. It features the iconic Kelly buckle in gold or rose gold or palladium plated metal.

Since 1837, French fashion powerhouse Hermes has been producing some of the world's most exclusive accessories, clothing, and home goods, all of which can be found at affordable prices on eBay. Specializing in luxury leather belts and other accessories, the company is known for its high-quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and attention to detail. Most Hermes belts are embellished with the patented H buckle that sets them apart from their competitors.

These designer accessories are made from a variety of high-quality materials including genuine leather and exotic calfskin and cowhide. Some have reversible straps. They are available in a myriad of colors designed to please many personal tastes. Whether it be basic black and brown or bold hues like orange or pink, there is a choice for everyone. The iconic H belt buckles are made using precious metals such as gold or palladium. All of the gold buckles are plated with 24-karat gold, adding to their luxurious look.

Hermes is headquartered in Paris, and all of the company's original belts are produced in France. Most have a "made in France" stamp on the inside of the buckle. If the buckle does not have the stamp on the inside, then it may not be original.

True to French measurements, these products are sized in centimeters. All the authentic belts should have the size inscribed directly on the belt. If the sizing is inscribed using inches or millimeters, then the belt is not an original. This product will be a statement piece for decades to come, so be sure to choose your size carefully to ensure a perfect fit.

Several Hermès belts have reversible straps, and these allow you to maximise your investment by providing two belts in one. Some options on eBay reverse to colours like black, from shades like brown, so you can wear them with any outfit. Hermès belts for women come in shades like pink, and tangerine, or other chic colours. With reversible Hermès belts you get:

A Hermès belt is usually about 36 inches long. Many on eBay go up to 38 inches, and several vendors on eBay have belts that go up to 47 inches. The belt you buy should always be at least a size bigger than the trousers you usually wear. If you are wearing you belt with jeans, check the size of the belt that you would typically use with your jeans, and use that as a guide. Your dresses will also be enhanced with Hermès belts, and if necessary, additional holes can be added to your belt from eBay to ensure that it fits. Your belt can also be cut to suit you, if your waist changes.

Yes. Hermès belts are made of durable leather, so they will stand up to everyday wear, and still look good on an evening out. Over time, your Hermès belt may develop a sign of creasing at some locations, but there are ways to reduce their appearance. You will also find Hermès belts on eBay which are made from calfskin, which is even softer and more flexible than cow skin. The plating is done using long-lasting palladium and silver, and each belt features the imprint on the buckle.

Yes. The buckle on a Hermès belt can be removed, and this allows you to keep the buckle but change the strap when it becomes worn after a time. Genuine Hermès straps are available on eBay, and can quickly replace your old strap when it has missing stitching or scuffs.

A genuine Hermès belt consists of two pieces of leather, which have been stitched down perfectly by a machine. On the belt itself, you should find three holes spaced evenly on the tapered end, and one hole on the other to affix the buckle. Sometimes people will punch extra holes into their belts, but there should never be fewer than three. Due to wear and customization, they may not look consistent, but the spacing and shape of the holes should generally be immaculate.

Depending on the color of the belt, it can feature either tonal or contrasting stitching. It is not uncommon to have tonal stitching on one side and contrast stitching on the other, as seen on the green and gold belt pictured here.

An authentic Hermès H belt buckle will feature a small HERMÈS and stamp on the horizontal strut. Models created within the last five years will feature an alphanumeric code inscribed on the back of the buckle. 041b061a72


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