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Henry Taylor
Henry Taylor

Systimax Cat6 Patch Panel 24 Port

Manage your cables efficiently with the CommScope CAT6 1U Copper Patch Panel. This black panel features 24 ports and has a UL 94 V-0 flammability rating. It is made of high-impact, flame retardant and thermoplastic powder-coated steel that offers durability.

Systimax Cat6 Patch Panel 24 Port

SYSTIMAX GigaSPEED XL PATCHMAX GS3 panel system provides excellent performance and helps unleash the power of a fully tuned and integrated GigaSPEED XL Solution, while maintaining all of the innovative features that have made the PATCHMAX System uni que in the industry. Its unique modularity and patch cord management system continue to provide flexibility to MIS managers through the use of Distribution Modules (DM). These modules can be rotated forward, allowing front access to the newly-designed 110 Type IDC terminals for easy cable termination. The PATCHMAX GS3 Distribution Modules features an innovative termination manager and rear housing. The termination manager and rear housing provide for easier, faster, more reliable terminations and re duced variability in the placement and termination of cables to the panel.

Make cable management easier than ever with a patch panel purchase from's wholesale networking store. We work with a huge network of tech manufacturers across China who specialize in creating cable interfaces of every variety. You can pick up compact panels for office and home use, or explore more complex designs for use in settings like retail stores and factories. Whatever your cabling needs, Alibaba has an answer. Search for a systimax cat6 24 port 1u patch panel and make connectivity worries disappear.

Patch panels are a valuable addition to anyone's computing and machinery networks. These simple racks feature port arrangements which allow individual cables to interface with the devices they serve. They can come in many formats, with port numbers varying from 12 to 96 or more connections. And they can also be tailored to specific cable varieties. Shop for fiber optic panels to handle high speed data transmission, as well as Cat5, HDMI and RJ45 cables. All are subtly different, and finding the right systimax cat6 24 port 1u patch panel for the task in hand is always vital. Fortunately, with's huge wholesale catalogue doing so is easy.

Our networking store offers a hassle free way to resolve any cabling issues. If you are setting up a new IT network at an office and want to interface efficiently with servers and storage devices, finding the right patch panel will be easy. The same applies to creating telephone networks or data centers for industrial plants. Create secure and efficient connections between LAN networks and the wider internet, and map out information transmission systems that work for you. Search, browse, filter and order. In no time, the right systimax cat6 24 port 1u patch panel can be in your possession and ready for installation. 041b061a72


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