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Henry Taylor
Henry Taylor

Luxor 4 Game Free Download Full Version

This is not a review, but it is to give your opinion on how good the game is. The design is really simple, as in pretty much every game these days. It looks really well put together, and the sound is nice and crisp. Of course, this is probably down to the fact that it is an iPhone game, but I guess there is room to add more bells and whistles to it if the developers have a bit of money. Overall, this game is probably good enough to be worth buying a licence for. Just be warned, though - you may need more than one. It may seem a little bit overpriced at full price, but if you download it for half price, it'll probably prove to be well worth it.

luxor 4 game free download full version

The developer has obviously seen a number of reviews like this, and has added a one-touch auto-save feature to combat the problem of the game saving when you're not looking. It's not a game that you can play for 5 minutes and then stop, so be aware that you may not have time to save before you get back to it.

Game Name: Luxor 4 game free download full version developer: Big Fish Games running time: 60 min price: 0.99 description: Two thieves have set off in search of precious jewels. But the robbers can't carry all their loot with them, so they leave one bag behind, promising to return for it later. But will the thieves return at all? You get to find out. Explore the outdoors, customize your own cars, plan your moves and score big. Do you have what it takes to earn enough money to get the diamonds you need? You'll need to roll through the levels playing this time-management game. An innovative and addictive concept!


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