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Gelecek Nasıl Gelicek?

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Henry Taylor
Henry Taylor

[S5E11] The Little Things You Do Together

Sullivan and Ross walk down the street together, talking about how he ordered their meals in Spanish. She's glad they finally went out, but he reminds her they did it before. They talk about their history and how things were between them. Sullivan thinks they're just good together. As he has her up against a wall, she spots Beckett walking toward them. Beckett is carrying two bags full of alcohol. Ross says she's having sit-downs with all the leadership within the department. Someone from her office will reach out to Beckett about it soon. Beckett says good night and leaves. Sullivan and Ross agree that that wasn't good.

[S5E11] The Little Things You Do Together

Sharpest insult or one-liner:There are a few good ones, but I always laugh when Lorelai says, "Children should shoot us for what we make them do" as the Stars Hollow Elementary School students read together in unison at the war reenactment. I think this every time I see a small child wearing something ridiculous and prancing around like a little show pony for their parents' enjoyment.

In 2022 let's remember what are the very natural consequences of a complex world where we want to be able to deliver solutions to our challenges. As a consequence, we want to create resilient and adaptable systems and procedures, without worrying about being super efficient. Let's give us a little slack. Let's give us collectively a little leeway, the benefit of doubt and empathy and love when we are together or from afar. 041b061a72


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