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The investigators tested the hypothesis that the direction of the relationship between the level of ego development of adult caretakers and the degree of sex-stereotyping in their expectations for adolescents would vary as a function of the adolescents' level of ego maturity. Two groups of caretakers (counselors of an "immature group" of disturbed adolescents and parents of a "mature group" of undergraduates) participated in the study. In comparison to their conformist counterparts, the postconformist counselors were expected to make more sex-stereotyped goals for the disturbed adolescents; postconformist parents were expected to make less sex-stereotyped goals for the undergraduates. Hypotheses were confirmed for the counselors, but not for the parents. Both groups of caretakers seemed to consider developmental or life task factors in formulating goals for adolescents.

Study Description: For this trial, 320 Angus and SimAngus cows and heifers from four groups were used. Group 1 yearling heifers (n = 101) were synchronized using the melengestrol acetate plus prostaglandin F2α (MGA-PGF2α) protocol and Groups 2, 3, and 4 cows (n = 219) were synchronized using the 7-Day CO-Synch + CIDR protocol. Insemination was done with semen from an Angus sire (Group 1 yearling heifers and Group 2 young cows) sorted to contain >90% X-bearing sperm, or a Charolais sire (Groups 3 and 4 mature cows) sorted to contain >90% Y-bearing sperm. Females were bred after visual estrus detection (Group 1 yearling heifers), fixed time artificial insemination (AI; Group 4 mature cows), or split time AI (Group 2 young cows and Group 3 mature cows).

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For transgender children who think their bodies are the wrong sex, puberty can be terrifying. To alleviate this psychological trauma, physicians are increasingly giving transgender adolescents drugs to block puberty until their bodies -- and decision-making abilities -- are mature enough to begin cross-sex hormone treatment, typically at age 16.

Garofalo and his colleagues aim to recruit 280 adolescents who identify as transgender, and to follow them for at least five years. One group will receive puberty blockers at the beginning of adolescence, and another, older group will receive cross-sex hormones. Their findings could help clinicians to judge how best to help adolescents who are seeking a transition.

Still, there is no clear age at which children can consent to irreversible treatments, including to hormones. To allow more time to decide and to let their bodies mature, transgender children on the cusp of adolescence are often given drugs called GnRH agonists that block the effects of sex hormones. This is "the safest way to relieve transgender adolescents at the worst time of their life", says Wylie Hembree, an endocrinologist at Columbia University in New York City.

Only one study, published in 2014, has examined the psychological effects of such treatment. Child psychiatrist Annelou de Vries and her colleagues at VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam monitored a group of 55 transgender adolescents who received puberty blockers at around age 13, cross-sex hormones at about 16 and gender-reassignment surgery at around age 20. They found study participants -- now in their 20s -- to be as mentally healthy as their non-transgender peers (A. L. de Vries et al. Pediatrics 134, 696-704; 2014).

Less is known about how postponing puberty affects physical health. GnRH agonists have been used for decades to treat children who start to mature too early. But some scientists worry that putting off puberty in older children may disrupt bone and brain development, reducing bone density and leading to cognitive problems.

Abstract: Context: Sex differences in dynamic measures have been established in physically mature populations. Gaining information on maturation's effect on dynamic performance measures implicated in injury risk may enable us to better design injury prevention programs. Objective: To examine sex differences in dynamic valgus alignment and triple-hop distance measures across maturational stages in males and females. A secondary purpose was to determine if a field test of strength and power predicts dynamic valgus alignment. Design: Cross-sectional study. Setting: Laboratory. Patients or Other Participants: 157 young athletes (78 females, 79 males) aged 9 to 18 years. Intervention(s): Subjects performed drop-jump landings and single-leg triple-hop tests as part of a broader injury screening. Main Outcome Measure(s): Maturational status was ascertained from self-report questionnaires and grouped according to Tanner stages 1 and 2 (MatGrp1 ), 3 and 4 (MatGrp2), and 5 (MatGrp3). Frontal-plane knee valgus displacement, which served as a measure of dynamic val gus alignment, and single-leg triple-hop distance were assessed. Results: Males demonstrated less dynamic valgus alignment during drop jumps in the latter maturational stages (MatGrp1 = 13.1 8.7, MatGrp2 = 9.0 6.2", MatGrp3 = 9.2 9.4), whereas females increased dynamic valgus alignment throughout maturation (MatGrp1 = 11.5 6.9, MatGrp2 12.8 8.8, MatGrp3 = 15.5 8.7). Thus, in the more mature groups, males had less dynamic valgus alignment than females. Both males (MatGrp1 = 393.5 63.7 cm, MatGrp2 = 491.8 95.1 cm, MatGrp3 = 559,3 76.3 cm) and females (MatGrp1 = 360.3 37.1 cm, MatGrp2 = 380.1 44.3 cm, MatGrp3 = 440.0 66.2 cm) increased triple-hop distance, but males increased more, Within each subgroup of MatGrp and sex, triple-hop distance had no predictive ability for dynamic malalignment. Conclusions: When dynamic valgus alignment and strength were assessed, sex and maturational status displayed an interaction. However, functional strength did not predict degree of dynamic valgus alignment. 041b061a72


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