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Benny Ferraro
Benny Ferraro

Stronghold Crusader HD Indir

Stronghold Crusader HD Indir

Stronghold Crusader HD is a strategy game that lets you experience the historical battles and castle sieges from the Crusades. You can play as a Crusader or an Arab lord, and command a variety of units and weapons. You can also create your own custom scenarios and challenge other players online. If you are a fan of medieval warfare and history, you might want to download Stronghold Crusader HD and enjoy its features.

Stronghold Crusader HD Indir

How to Download Stronghold Crusader HD

There are different ways to download Stronghold Crusader HD, depending on your preference and budget. Here are some of the options:

  • Steam: You can buy Stronghold Crusader HD on Steam for $9.99, or get it for $3.49 during a sale. Steam is a popular platform for digital games, and it offers many benefits such as cloud saving, achievements, and community features. To download Stronghold Crusader HD on Steam, you need to have a Steam account and the Steam client installed on your computer. Then, you can search for the game on the Steam store, add it to your cart, and complete the purchase. After that, you can download and install the game from your Steam library.

  • 4shared: You can also download Stronghold Crusader HD from 4shared, a file sharing service. However, this method is not recommended, as it may be illegal, unsafe, or unreliable. You may encounter problems such as broken links, viruses, or corrupted files. To download Stronghold Crusader HD from 4shared, you need to have a 4shared account and the 4shared desktop app installed on your computer. Then, you can search for the game on the 4shared website, click on the download link, and wait for the file to be transferred to your computer. After that, you need to extract the file using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip, and run the setup.exe file to install the game.

How to Play Stronghold Crusader HD

Once you have downloaded and installed Stronghold Crusader HD, you can start playing it by launching it from your desktop or your Steam library. You can choose from different game modes, such as:

  • Campaign: You can play through four historical campaigns that follow the Crusades from 1095 to 1272. You can choose to play as Richard the Lionheart or Saladin, and face various enemies and challenges. Each campaign consists of several missions that require you to build your castle, manage your economy, recruit your army, and defeat your opponents.

  • Skirmish: You can play against up to seven AI opponents in over 100 unique skirmish maps. You can customize the settings such as map size, starting resources, difficulty level, and victory conditions. You can also choose from 16 different characters, each with their own personality and tactics.

  • Multiplayer: You can play online with other players in co-op or competitive modes. You can join or host a game using Steam or GameRanger, a third-party service that allows you to connect with other players. You can chat with other players, form alliances, trade resources, and wage war.

  • Editor: You can create your own maps and scenarios using the built-in editor. You can design the terrain, place buildings and units, set events and triggers, and test your creation. You can also share your maps with other players online.


Stronghold Crusader HD is a fun and challenging strategy game that lets you relive the Crusades in high definition. You can download it from Steam or 4shared, but be careful of the risks involved in the latter option. You can play it in different modes, such as campaign, skirmish, multiplayer, or editor. If you like medieval history and warfare, you should give Stronghold Crusader HD a try.


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