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Henry Taylor
Henry Taylor

Person Of Interest 1x7

Willks and Grayson accompany LaMarr to his first television appearance: a live interview on The Chat. The interview goes poorly. LaMarr is unable to identify the person of Mella Giffendon, and his apology is scathingly criticized by the interviewers. LaMarr's downvotes accrue well past three million.

Person of Interest 1x7


Lionel P. Fusco, è un personaggio immaginario, ideato da Jonathan Nolan, protagonista della serie tv Person of Interest. È interpretato da Kevin Chapman, e doppiato da Pasquale Anselmo nell'adattamento in lingua italiana della serie.

Finch non è d'accordo sul mantenere Fusco e Carter all'oscuro della loro collaborazione. I sospetti di Carter arrivano durante una caccia all'uomo tra l'FBI e Reese, in cui Carter sospetta che la talpa dell'HR all'interno del dipartimento sia proprio Fusco, quindi irrompe nella stanza da bagno degli uomini, affrontando Fusco accusandolo di essere un membro di HR. Fusco è costretto a confessare a lei che sta lavorando per il "l'uomo con la giacca", ovvero Reese. Entrambi gli investigatori sono scioccati nell'apprendere che entrambi lavorano per la stessa persona.[7]

Simmons costringe Fusco a fare un altro favore all'HR minacciandolo di uccidere suo figlio. Mentre aiuta Reese nella protezione di un'altra 'persona di interesse', Fusco trova il libro mastro contenente i nomi dei membri dell'HR e strappa le pagine che contengono i nomi di lui e di Simmons.[8]

At a meeting with Dr. Delcavoli, Skyler notes that Walt's color is better and that he has become more sexual since starting his treatment, and expresses interest in alternative therapies. Dr. Delcavoli says they're fine as long as they don't interfere with his treatments.

Walt arranges to meeting with Tuco at a junkyard. When Tuco arrives, he is displeased to learn from Walt that there were "production problems," handing him far less than the two pounds he was expecting. Tuco says he thought Walt was a player, but Walt holds his ground and dares to ask for more money, proposing that Tuco consider it a capital investment. The two men work out a loan at twenty-five percent weekly interest. Walt ups the ante by asking if Tuco wants four pounds instead of two. Tuco agrees but delivers a stern warning: "Talk is talk. But owing me money, that's bad."

In episode "License to Sell", she was first seen getting sent to detention where the teacher said that she'd be "spending the rest of her life in" to which Nicole responded saying that "she at least has a life". Eddie decided to get into detention with her by saying "Oprah sucks" in class which struck terror in all of students and the teacher. He sat next to Nicole in detention and flirted with her. Nicole was apparently not interested as she left to go to the bathroom, and had him hold on to her sack lunch. The teacher saw him with it and he got in trouble for it as she accused him of hoarding Chinese ninja stars into the room. Later, he got invited to her house, revealing that they must have a potential relationship as of the events of the previous episode. Nicole told him that she was learning all about making tattoos and piercings because that's what she wanted to do for a living. She tattooed his arms and pierced his ear which was really painful to him. Eddie also had to give up going to the mall with his friends and meeting Shaquille O'Neal in person just because he wanted to spend time with Nicole instead. At the end of the episode, Nicole got closer to Eddie, telling him that she really liked doing that stuff to him and that most guys aren't brave enough to do what he did. She also told him that he didn't miss anything with his friends because Shaq wasn't really at the mall and that it was just a really tall black guy wearing a yellow jumpsuit. Eddie told her that he already heard that news and he walked off where Nicole smiled and waved to him.

Nicole is a very popular girl with a short-tempered personality. She has taken a linking to becoming a fashion designer and she practices it now even though she may not be entirely experienced with it and sometimes tries to do things that she's not ready for yet. Nichole is very rebellious and she doesn't care about the rules and constantly gets into trouble which she never takes seriously or learns from as shown in "License to Sell", when she was shown to constantly get into detention on a regular basis and even made the teacher have a personal hatred for her. She hates her stepmother and bullies her at home because she's not her real mom, which also might be the reason for the rest of her rule breaking and careless personality.

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Perhaps acting on Bunny's suggestion, Mike heads to the prison to visit with Milo in person. Milo repeats his request for a favor from Mike but Mike only seems worried about the fate of Iris and ensuring that Milo stays in prison or dies. Milo tells Mike that Iris failed to do her job so she's going back to her old job, but he's glad to know that the way to get to Mike is to break an angel. Milo then tells him that he only needs Mike to find a metal case in the woods and that he can take the FBI tails with him when he does. Mike doesn't agree to the favor immediately, but seems willing to take this on.

He remarks he's never seen a ship like Voyager before. Janeway, surprised by this, tells him that it's new but not classified. He replies that he has been on a mission for over a year and hasn't gotten the latest intelligence. He tells Janeway that his government is debating whether to relay Voyager's messages. She points out that the wormhole will soon collapse, but he tells her that it is not his place to tell the Senate what to do. Janeway asks the Romulan about his family and he reveals that he has a newborn daughter that he has never seen. She appeals to his feelings of missing his family and convinces him to urge his government to grant Voyager's request to relay their messages to their family and friends back home. Janeway tells Chakotay to have the crew prepare their messages within the hour in case he is successful. Suddenly, Torres excitedly runs onto the bridge and asks to talk to the captain in private. In Janeway's ready room, she tells the captain the phase amplitude of the visual link is just within a few megahertz of meeting transporter protocols. It might be possible to use the probe as a transmitter to transport the entire crew back to the Alpha Quadrant. Janeway gives Torres her permission to use any Voyager personnel to assist, and for Torres to not keep the modifications a secret as it will not be for very long anyways. After Torres leaves, Janeway walks over and emotionally looks at a photograph of her fiancé Mark and their Irish Setter Mollie.

Once again, Lieutenant Baxter is in sickbay. He has pulled his hamstring while working out. He still directs all of his comments to Kes. With newfound confidence, The Doctor tells Baxter that if he has something to say, then he should direct it to him. In addition, if he has another workout-related injury, The Doctor will notify his superior officer. Baxter is surprised and replies "yes sir." Before leaving, he thanks The Doctor. The Doctor gives Kes a list of things he wants added to sickbay to be delivered to Janeway. In addition, The Doctor makes his first personal request: a name.

There is no better way to get to know Algonquin College than to take a Campus tour. One of our tour facilitators will take you to see your programs/area of interest along with associated labs and/or classrooms (depending on availability), student support services and facilities

Garcia had a conflict of her own with her budding relationship with Green. An obvious conflict of interest with him being a material witness in an important investigation, Prentiss demanded she put an end to it but that was going to be easier said than done with this new version of Garcia. This may create some issues down the road. Meanwhile, an RFID chip recovered from the burned storage container led Lewis to a missing dog connected to a past country hardware store encounter where Sicarius flirted with the cashier.

At a meeting with Harold Cooper, Liz, Ressler, and Meera, Red tells them he has a good idea who the supplier is, and that he operates outside the jurisdiction of the FBI. He then says that he has to catch a plane and invites Liz to accompany him. He tells her that he is going to Cuba. She refuses saying that she is going to visit Barnes's old research partner. Red says that if she is not there, there is no fun to be had and for him if there is no fun to be had, he's not interested. Liz walks straight past Red's car and Dembe, while Red gets in. He tells Luli Zeng that he hopes she has good news as it has been very depressing morning. She tells him that something he has been looking to buy has just come on the market. He is pleased and she says that she will proceed.

Liz and Ressler meet with Anne Forrester, but she knows nothing helpful. Her son Ethan, has the noticable signs of early stage Kurz disease. Liz questions Anne privately and learns that Barnes is Ethan's biological father. Anne tells Liz that when Ethan was 5 and first developed the disease Barnes tried to interest the pharmaceutical companies in researching a cure, but because it is so rare they refused. Liz tells Ressler that she thinks that Barnes is trying to make Kurz disease well known so the public will demand that a cure be found. 041b061a72


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